A program for Real Estate Professionals

Has your customer decided they aren’t ready to sell their property, but are interested in placing it into the rental market. Perla’s Properties works with real estate professionals to ensure customer satisfaction. We created the Rental Referral Program to help real estate professionals keep their customers happy!

How it works

Our referral fees are simple and uncomplicated. When an agent or broker refers a customer to Perla`s Properties, LLC for property management the referral fee is 20% of our first earned commission. If the referral is a tenant for one of our listings the referral is 10% of the first earned commission. By the way we don`t sell real estate which means if you refer your customer to us for property management you will always get them back when they are ready to sell.

Let’s work together!

Simply contact Perla Whitaker at Perla`s Properties, LLC . We will send you a Tenant or Property management referral form or we can fill it out and send back to you. Once we have the information necessary we will make contact with your customer. I promise to keep you posted on the progress with your customer. If your customer decides to use our services, you will receive your referral fee once funds have been collected and the transaction has been completed.

Have a referral? We are here help you!